Hodge Hill Primary School

Learning Together for Life

Our next Teacher Training Day will be Friday, 16th February 2018. School will close at normal time on Thursday 15th February and children will be back after half term on Monday 26th February 2018. Thursday 1st March is World Book Day - children please come dressed as your favourite book character.

Children aged 9 & over - Week 4


  • Meat spread and cucumber sandwich
  • Low-fat soft cheese and carrot sticks
  • Nectarine
  • Apple juice, unsweetened


  • Turkey ham baguette with lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Low-fat fruit yoghurt
  • Fruit cocktail
  • Grapefruit juice, unsweetened


  • Egg, cress and reduced-calorie mayonnaise in granary roll
  • Plain popcorn (small packet)
  • Cucumber and carrot batons
  • Canned peach slices in juice
  • Milkshake


  • Potato salad with spring onion, mixed beans and avocado (in low-fat plain yogurt)
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Ready-to-eat apricots
  • Mango slices
  • Bottle of water


  • Mackerel and rice salad with tomato sauce and mixed vegetables
  • Orange
  • Fruit fromage frais
  • Semi-skimmed milk