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Friday, 8th December is a Teacher Training Day - school will be closed to pupils. New School Uniform for September 2017 - for details on our new uniform and how to order it please go to our parents-useful documents page.


The levels of governance:

 The Members are the custodians of Create Partnership Trust, ensuring that its vision and values are reflected in all its work.

 The Board of Directors (Trustees) is the accountable body for the Trust.

 Local Governing Bodies are responsible for monitoring the progress of their school’s improvement plan.


Create Partnership Trust Governance Structure

Create Partnership Trust Governance Structure 1
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The Members

As custodians of the Trust, the Members, ensure that its vision and values are reflected in all its work.

Their role is predominantly to:

  • Agree and amend the Articles of Association
  • Appoint and remove Members and Directors (Trustees)
  • Hold the Directors to account for the discharge of their duties

There is no formal Chair.

The Members meet twice per year with the Board of Directors and again, separately, if they need to make individual decisions.  One Member is also a Director (Trustee).


The Trustees

As the accountable body for the Trust, the role of the Board of Directors (or Trustees) is to:

  • Ensure clarity of vision and ethos
  • Determine the Trust’s strategic priorities
  • Hold the executive to account for the educational performance of the schools (including the staff) and their pupils
  • Oversee the financial performance of the Trust and ensure its money is well spent
  • Allocate the school budgets
  • Agree curriculum statements for the Trust and each school as necessary
  • Agree Trust-wide policies in line with its values and vision
  • Be responsible for child safeguarding across the Trust
  • Appoint the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher for each of its schools
  • Review the performance and pay of the Executive Headteacher (EHT) and the Headteachers of each school
  • Approve the Trust pay policy

There are currently six Trustees in post.The full Board normally meets four times per year, including twice with Members. The Chair and Vice Chair are appointed by the Board of Directors.


Local Governing Bodies

The governance of Create Partnership Trust by its Board of Directors (Trustees) is assisting the transition of each school from its former Governing Body to a Local Governing Body (LGB). Sponsored schools in the Trust are subject to due diligence prior to the decision to appoint its LGB. An Interim Advisory Committee will be set up in 2017/2018 academic year for Hodge Hill Primary School.

Further Information

For more information on our Local Governing Body and Create Partnership Trust's Members and Trustees please click here to be redirected to the Create Partnership Trust website.