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HEATWAVE ALERT Monday 19th to Thursday 22nd - guidance on how to look after children during a heatwave can be found on our Parents-Useful Documents page. Monday 19th June 2017 is the start of our Health Week.

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium


The Government believes that the Pupil Premium, which is additional to main school funding, is the best way to address the current underlying inequalities between children eligible for free school meals (FSM) and their wealthier peers by ensuring that funding to tackle disadvantage reaches the pupils who need it most.

Hodge Hill PS staff and Governors ensure that pupil premium is spent on events, training, programmes and resources that will maximize the potential for pupils and staff to raise standards in our school.



Impact of Pupil premium spend 2015 / 2016


  • The attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and non-disadvantaged pupils was lower than the Birmingham and national gap in EYFS, KS1 and KS2.
  • Disadvantaged pupils out performed non-disadvantaged pupils in the year 1 and year 2 phonics tests.
  • The attendance gap between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged pupils narrowed  from 1.6% in 2014/2015 to 0.7% in 2015/2016.
  • The percentage of good teachers rose by 15% between September 2015 and July 2016.
  • All pupils saw a theatre show last year and all year groups had focused speaking and listening workshops ( week long for each year group ) from the Birmingham Hippodrome. All year groups had at least three educational visits during the school year.



Pupil Premium Objectives for 2016/2017


  • To reduce the gap in progress between disadvantaged pupils and other pupils achieving at expected and better than expected levels in Reading, Writing and Maths.
  • To ensure good attendance for disadvantaged pupils, which improves access to the whole curriculum.
  • To improve disadvantaged pupils education and aspirations by providing opportunities for learning beyond the school/classroom environment.
  • To build the capacity of teachers to ensure that all quality first teaching is good or better so that disadvantaged learners attain in line with non disadvantaged pupils in school and nationally.


 Pupil Premium funding will be spent on:

  • Health Mentor      
  • AHT and Teachers/TAs to lead intervention 

       - extra teaching groups in years 1,2,4,5 and 6

  • Resources to improve the Maths and English curriculum
  • Third Space Learning – maths intervention in Years 3,4 and 5
  • 1-1 tuition for pupils in Year 6
  • Attendance initiatives
  • Including mini bus
  • Improving teaching of gymnastics – specialist coaching for teachers
  • Subsidising educational visits and
  • Cornerstones Innovation training


Please read the information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.