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Year 6



Year 6 are studying all about how natural disasters impacts living! We are learning about volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, flooding and earthquakes!


Reading: Book Study- The 21 Balloons



This text is about a teacher, Professor William Waterman Sherman, who wants to be alone. So he decides to take a year off and spend it crossing the Pacific Ocean in a HOT-AIR BALLOON! 


Writing: Writing to INFORM- The children will be writing a report evaluating the impact of natural disasters on human Geography! They will be collecting data and analysing the impact natural disasters had on settlements, trade and economy.


Geography: Children will have been learning about all things "Raging Earth". 

They are learning to use atlases, globes maps and digital mapping to name and locate the Ring of Fire; famous volcanoes and tectonic plates.

They will identify the position and significance of longitude, latitude, the equator, tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and how these impact the seasons. 

Children will be able to describe and understand key aspects of earthquakes and volcanoes.



Art: Children are learning how to use a range of techniques to create different tones, textures and shade. They are developing skills in: 

  • Using sketchbooks to collect and record visual information

  • Know how to work using a single focal point and horizon in perspective drawings.

  • Show an awareness of composition, scale and proportion.

  • Taking inspiration from artists such as J.M.W Turner, Hokusai and G. Seurat




Music: Happy by Pharrell Williams- a pop song with soul influence about being happy.


Unit: Happy

Style: Pop/Motown

Topic and cross-curricular links: What makes us happy? Video/project with musical examples.

Links to other units:
Dancing In The Street ( Year 5)


Classroom Jazz 2

Style: Jazz, Latin, Blues

Topic and cross-curricular links: History of music - Jazz in its historical context.

Links to other units:
Classroom Jazz 1 (Year 5)
Supports improvisation generally in other units.




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At Hodge Hill safeguarding of pupils is at the forefront of everything we do. Check out our safeguarding page for the latest information and advice.

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