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Attendance Winners

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Our School Curriculum

 Our Values

We have taken the three values of Create Partnership Trust, excellence, partnership and perseverance and added alongside the values of integrity, open mind-set and a spirit of adventure.


  • Excellence: we give our best at work and play; we aim high; we believe in ourselves; we enjoy learning; we love to contribute; we are curious; we celebrate success; we think about our learning; we achieve well independently; we are proud of our work; we understand that there are steps on the way to excellence;


  • Partnership: a commitment to collaboration – we work together; we listen to each other; we share; we learn from each other; we respect each other; we are sincere; we are good citizens of Birmingham, the United Kingdom and the world; we contribute; we are happy; we feel safe; we look after our schools; we are part of a team; we are part of a family; we help each other to achieve well; we believe that everyone is equal.


  • Perseverance: continued effort in the face of challenge – we don’t give up; we try our best; we are not afraid to make mistakes; we learn from our mistakes; we can talk about our learning; we take responsibility for our learning; we help to make our own futures; we can change if we need to; we can find solutions; we look forward; we have the courage to make difficult decisions.
  • Integrity: is the practice of being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values; we are honest and truthful about our own actions; we do the right thing even when no one else is looking; we act with understanding, accepting and choose to live in accordance with our principles which include honesty, fairness and decency.


  • Open mind-set: a characteristic that involves being receptive to a wide variety of ideas, arguments and information; having the ability to think critically and rationally; we are open to other ideas and perspectives to enable us to see all of the factors that contribute to problems or come up with effective solutions; we have the ability to step outside of our own comfort zone and consider other perspectives and ideas; we are open to new ideas and experiences even if these conflict with our existing beliefs; we ask questions and actively search for information that challenges our own beliefs; we are committed to the belief that other people should be free to express their beliefs and arguments even if they do not correspond with our own.


  • Spirit of adventure: we embrace exciting, unusual or unfamiliar experiences; we partake fully in exciting and enterprising opportunities to further and/or apply our learning; we are bold; we are willing to try new things; we embrace risk taking as we know how to do so appropriately; we are pioneers; we are innovators; we are adventurers in our learning.


Curriculum threads

Our curriculum threads are six broad themes that connect the learning across the school. The threads are designed to support our curriculum mission and narrative while putting the child at the heart of all we think, say and do. The curriculum is powered through oracy; teaching our pupils the skills that are needed to be an effective speaker and listener and by putting reading at the heart of all learning.  Leaders draw upon literature and evidence based research from a myriad of sources in conjunction with the thoughts and feelings, ideas and innovation of our pupils, staff, parents and Create Partnership Trust. 

Curriculum Delivery


To make sure children gain an in depth knowledge and skill set, we teach  termly topics as key drivers of our curriculum with a specific subject focus each half term. Other subjects are then threaded through where appropriate. Children are  given further opportunities throughout the year, across the range of topics, to apply their knowledge and skills in different contexts to help them make links and commit knowledge to their long term memory. 


At the end of their topic we hold 'Pop-Up' events. We open up school to our parents so the children can showcase their learning and give opportunities to put their oracy skills into practise.

Educational Visits


There is substantial evidence that outdoor learning can be effective at achieving a wide range of outcomes for children and young people.  


1. Children learn to be healthy and stay safe they:

• Develop greater self-awareness and respect;

• Participate in healthy physical activity;

• Know more about the benefits of physical fitness and the lifelong value of participating in healthy leisure activities;

• Develop respect, tolerance and empathy in relationships;

• Understand the benefits of healthy eating;

• Adopt a positive attitude to challenge and adventure;

• Develop the ability to manage risk.


2. Children learn to enjoy and achieve they:

• Enjoy participating in activities;

• Acquire a range of activity skills;

• Show an increased motivation and appetite for learning;

• Raise their attainment in other aspects of their education;

• Broaden their cultural, aesthetic and spiritual awareness.



3. Children and young people learn to make a positive contribution and achieve economic wellbeing they:

• Develop awareness of, and respect for, other people and the environment;

• Develop positive social attitudes, responsibility and commitment;

• Better understand the importance of conservation and sustainability;

• Demonstrate improved self-reliance;

• Develop and extend their key skills:

  •  Communication;
  •  Problem solving;
  •  Leadership;
  •  Teamwork.

More in depth information about what each year group are learning can be found in our

Parents' Curriculum Leaflets on the Year Group Pages.

For more information on the national curriculum and programmes of study please click here.

Bottom Information

Safeguarding Information

At Hodge Hill safeguarding of pupils is at the forefront of everything we do. Check out our safeguarding page for the latest information and advice.

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