The Thursday's performance of Bugsy Malone will be followed by the children's leaving assembly (10.30-11.15am). The Yr 6 Leavers' Party will be held after school on Thursday 18th July 2019, 4-6pm. Looking forward to seeing you all there! After school clubs have now finished for the year, we will be looking at starting clubs again in the Autumn term. Term finishes for pupils on Thursday 18th July at the usual time, school reopens topupils on Wednesday 4th September 2019. View our brand new School Dinners Menu under the Parent tab. Parents/Carers - follow us on Twitter @HodgeSchool. Please check out our latest newsletter for key dates.

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Attendance Winners

Attendance Winners

  • EYFS - Leopards - 94.81%
  • Year 1 - 1C - 98.28%
  • Year 2 - 2b - 96.67%
  • Year 3 - 3B - 97.67%
  • Year 4 - 4C - 96.33%
  • Year 5 - 5C - 98.33%
  • Year 6 - 6B - 97.24%

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Parent/Carer Consultation - PPA Friday

Consultation on Proposed Changes to the School Week


Hodge Hill Primary School is looking to amend its current teaching times so the school can close early for teachers’ planning, preparation and assessment time (PPA) on a Friday. This will allow us to look at all available resources and to allocate them to achieve greater impact on standards across the school during the rest of the week. This strategy is effectively used in a number of primary schools in Birmingham and is being proposed by all schools from within Create Partnership Trust.


Why consider these changes?

Following government legislation in 2005, it is mandatory that every teacher has 10% of teaching time out of class for planning, preparation and assessment (PPA). On average, this is just over 2 hours per week. This time must be covered by other staff. These costs rise further if the cover staff are absent leading to other staff/agency staff having to cover.


We are proposing changes to ensure all pupils receive more than the recommended teaching time as published by the Department for Education (DfE), whilst fulfilling the school’s legal duty of providing PPA time for teachers.


         DfE recommended hours                        Hodge Hill Primary School proposed hours

Reception                       21 hours                                                24 hours 45 minutes

KS1 (Y1&2)                     21 hours                                                24 hours 10 minutes

KS2 (Y3,4,5&6)               23 hours 30 minutes                              24 hours 15 minutes


The proposed changes are as follows:

  • School will begin for pupils Reception to Year 6 at 8:40am (Monday – Friday) instead of 8:55am
  • School will still finish for pupils in Reception at 3:00pm (Monday – Thursday)
  • School will still finish for pupils Year 1 to Year 6 at 3:10pm (Monday – Thursday)
  • School will finish for pupils Reception to Year 6 at 12:15pm on Friday

How will these changes benefit my child?

  • Your child will have their regular class teacher teaching them throughout the week providing greater consistency and accountability
  • We will have additional teachers, those who already cover PPA, to support class teachers and pupils, thereby ensuring lessons are of an even higher quality and in case of absence, these teachers can cover which in turn will save the school money

To end the school day earlier on Fridays will enable teaching staff to work together at school to plan and prepare for lessons.
We appreciate that some parents may have concerns about childcare arrangements on a Friday. In order to address these concerns and support families, the school will allow pupils (who meet the set criteria) to stay in school until 3:10pm. There will be no cost to families for this additional time in school.
This is how it could work on Friday:

  1. Pupils in Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 – entitled to universal infant meals will have a hot lunch as normal
  2. Pupils in KS2 (Years 3-6) – pupils entitled to free school meals will be provided with a healthy packed lunch. Parents who pay for their child’s lunch will have the option of either having a packed lunch provided for their child or paying for 4 days and having lunch at home on Friday.
  3. At 12:15pm, pupils (Reception, Year 1 – Year 6) are collected as normal from their year group door/classroom/departure point.
  4. Pupils meeting the criteria, who are staying in school, will have a packed lunch at school (either provided by school if entitled to free school meals or provided by home if not) and will need to be collected at 3:10pm from the KS1 Hall.
    Friday afternoon would be a good time for completing homework ready for Monday and for those medical/dental appointments which we ask you to arrange at alternative times to avoid impacting on learning in lesson time.
    If the plan was to go ahead, we would start it in the Autumn term, gain feedback from parents, pupils and staff for Create Partnership Trust to consider whether to continue with the change to the school week.
    Please note, this is a consultation process to gauge parents’/carers’ views; the matter has been discussed with the teaching staff as they will work longer on the other days.
    In the meantime, if you would like to discuss the matter further, please contact the school and make an appointment to see me or a member of the Leadership Group. In addition, I am available for informal discussions with parents/carers at the beginning and end of the day.
    Consultation with Parents/Carers will end on Monday 29th April 2019. Written views should be expressed to the Headteacher at the school address. Alternatively, you may email your views to the school’s email address:
    Miss C. Lucas

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Safeguarding Information

At Hodge Hill safeguarding of pupils is at the forefront of everything we do. Check out our safeguarding page for the latest information and advice.

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