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IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR PARENTS - Please see our noticeboard. School will be closed to pupils on Thursday, 3rd May for the General Elections. Class photos will be taken on Friday, 11th May.

What is Nurture Group

What is Nurture Group ?...

School life is not as easy as we grown-ups think it is and sometimes our children need a little extra help to keep them on track and making progress.

It might seem as though you are the only parent that is having problems with your child but you are not alone.


The Nurture Groups are designed to support children who are showing signs of social, emotional, stress and behavioural difficulties. Below is a short guide to help you understand how it all works and how we will support your child.


  • When your child is referred to Nurture Group (usually by their teacher) an assessment will be carried out to understand what their needs are.

  • Nurture Groups usually run once a week for between half and three-quarters of an hour. Staff will meet with you to discuss your child’s progress at regular intervals (usually parents evenings).


  • The Nurture Group is a place where your child can come to feel safe and be listened to.The Staff that work there will build a relationship with your child so that they can improve their confidence and self esteem.

  • Staff will talk to you every step of the way and ensure that you are fully aware of how your child is being supported.


At Hodge Hill Primary School we take your child’s needs very seriously. We would be happy to talk to you at a time that is convenient and will make every effort to ensure that your child’s time at our school is happy and successful.

For further information please contact Mrs Hemming and Mr Clayton.