Hodge Hill Primary School

Learning Together for Life

HEATWAVE ALERT Monday 19th to Thursday 22nd - guidance on how to look after children during a heatwave can be found on our Parents-Useful Documents page. Monday 19th June 2017 is the start of our Health Week.

Teaching Assistants




Miss Aroosa Ali


Mrs Kauser Begum


Miss Jennie O'Toole





Mrs Yasmin Amer


Mrs Pauline Ellis

(Year 1)

Mrs Krissi Starkey

(Year 1)

Mrs Sylvie Gibbs

(Year 1)

Mrs June Stanley

(Year 1)


Mrs Maz Hakim 

(Year 1)


Miss Nusrat Karim

(EYFS & Year 1)

Miss Sarah Slater

(Year 2, HLTA)


Mrs Denise Smith

(Year 2)

Mr Mohammed


(Year 2)


Mrs Razia Sadiq

(Year 2) 

Miss Toni Mullins 

(Year 2)


Mrs Chris Rooker 

(Year 3)

Mrs Liz Charlesworth

(Year 3) 

Mrs Lisa Chapman 

(Year 3)

Mrs Jackie Lee


Mrs Farhat Bibi

(Year 4)

Mrs Helen Lawson 



Mrs Bekka Cashmore

(1:1 support Year 5)

Mrs Denise McGeever 

(Year 5)

Mr Ian Rose 

(Year 5)

Miss Shamaila Bibi 

(Year 5)

Mrs Shaheen Javed 

(Year 5, EAL Support )

Mrs Sonia Hastilow-Ali

(Year 6)

Mrs Zakia Mohsin

(Year 6)



Mrs Tracy McGrath 

(Forest school Leader) 

Mrs Samina Aktar

(Year 6) 


Mrs Anna Sim 

(HLTS, Medical Needs)