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HEATWAVE ALERT Monday 19th to Thursday 22nd - guidance on how to look after children during a heatwave can be found on our Parents-Useful Documents page. Monday 19th June 2017 is the start of our Health Week.

School Trips


School Trips 

School visits are an essential part of our curriculum work. They provide opportunities for children to experience, first hand, many topics studied in the classroom. All visits are carefully planned and organised by teachers and range from short local visits, which make use of the immediate environment, to more extended journeys. 


Charges for Educational Visits

When an educational visit is arranged for your child, you will be asked to make a contribution towards the cost of the trip. Any such contribution can only be voluntary, but clearly without such contributions it would not be possible to finance these visits which are of such benefit to the children. Naturally, if any parent has particular difficulty in paying for a visit they are most welcome to come and discuss the matter with the school office.


Below you will find copies of recent school trip letters & consent forms :