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Q6: How do we support children during transition to, within and from Hodge Hill Primary?

We work closely with outside agencies, nursery settings and secondary settings to ensure smooth and effective transition to, within and from Hodge Hill Primary.

Some pupils find transition more challenging. It may be a time of additional stress and require additional support to ensure a smooth transition. A variety of strategies and reasonable adjustments are made for pupils to ensure any anxiety around transition is removed and transition is smooth.


Starting school:

Hodge Hill Primary School applies the regulations on admissions fairly and equally to all those who wish to attend our school. The School Standards and Framework Act 1998 introduced a new framework for school admissions as of September 2000. Please see our Admissions policy for further details:

Before children start at Hodge Hill Primary we meet with parents and the child to answer questions about our school and gather important information. We talk to staff at the child’s previous school or setting, if necessary we provide children with a transition book. We read reports from anyone who has worked with the child, if necessary we arrange extra visits before starting school and we talk to adults about the things that help to support the child.


Moving year groups:

Pupils spend time with their next class teacher in their next classroom before the end of the summer term. Opportunities are found for the pupil to make short additional trips to their new classroom and teacher to build familiarity. An individualised transition book is created for the pupil, outlining the new environment, teachers, support staff and other relevant information. This book is read with the pupil frequently before the beginning of the summer holidays. It is then sent home to support parents/carers in reminding the pupil during the holidays, so that the return to school is more predictable for them. We consider and action any reasonable adjustments a child may need in order to access the curriculum and all areas of school life in their new year group.


Leaving our school:

We can support parents and children in visiting their new school, we invite key staff from the new school to review meetings so they can begin to build a picture of the child’s needs and talk to parents and the child, we talk to key staff and pass on important information and records, we support in the engagement of pupils in Summer schools or other transition activities organised by receiving schools.