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HEATWAVE ALERT Monday 19th to Thursday 22nd - guidance on how to look after children during a heatwave can be found on our Parents-Useful Documents page. Monday 19th June 2017 is the start of our Health Week.

Q5: How do we involve parents and children with special educational needs in making decisions about their education?

It is our aim to keep parents involved and informed at all stages of their child’s additional education provision at our school. This includes free and open discussions with the SENCo, Lead practitioner in Autism and professionals involved in supporting their needs. Parents are encouraged to contribute during termly reviews and subsequent recommendations for their child. This may be in person, or written contributions submitted in advance of the meeting. The class teacher and SENCo are always willing to arrange a meeting with parents / carers to discuss concerns that may arise at other times.


Pupils’ needs are at the heart of our approach to SEN provision. It is only through listening to our pupils we can comprehend the full extent of their feelings, and often frustrations, towards their specific needs. The pupil can help us to understand their preferred ways of working and what helps them feel successful both academically and socially. We try hard to listen. Staff communicate with children regularly about their progress and about what helps them to learn. On a termly basis, those pupils who have been identified as needing different and additional support will complete a contribution sheet which outlines what they view as their strengths,  areas for development and provision that helps them.  A person centred planning approach is used when reviewing statements of special educational needs, Educational and Health Care Plans or in transition planning. 


For further information about how we seek parents views, please read our school Special Educational Needs policy .