Hodge Hill Primary School

Learning Together for Life

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR PARENTS - Please see our noticeboard. School will be closed to pupils on Thursday, 3rd May for the General Elections. Class photos will be taken on Friday, 11th May.

Q4: What is the expertise of staff in supporting children with special educational needs?

  • All staff have received level 1 Autism Education Trust Autism training.

  • Key staff have received level 2 Autism Education Trust Autism training.

  • Lead staff have received level 3 Autism Education Trust Autism training .

  • Epilepsy training – Young Epilepsy.

  • Supporting Children with a Hearing Impairment.

  • Supporting Children with Visual Impairment.

  • Physical Disability Support Services – Brays provide regular training for staff to address children’s physical needs.

  • Additional 1:1 RWI training for phonics and reading skills.

  • Additional numeracy booster sessions such as Numicon.

  • Speech, Language and Communication Needs including ‘Language Land’ and ‘Time to Talk’.

  • ICT programmes such as Wordshark.

  • Nurture group – Boxhall Proflie, ‘Fun Friends’ and ‘Friends for Life’.