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Q11: Where can I find information about Support Groups?


Scope (about disability) -

Contact a Family (families with disabled children) -

KIDS (working with disabled children and families) -

Disabled Children’s Charity -

Use this website to find accessible toilets across the whole of the uk! 


Hearing Impairment:

NCDS (National deaf Children’s Society) -


Visual Impairment:

VICTA (supports children and young people who are blind or partially sighted and their families across the UK) -

Dancing Eye Syndrome trust -


Muscular Dystrophy:

Muscular Dystrophy UK ( fighting muscle wasting conditions) -

Duchenne Family Support Group - 



Dyspraxia Foundation ( developmental coordination disorders)-



Epilepsy -



Autism West Midlands:


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity:

ADDIS (ADHD parent support group) -


Emotional & Mental Health:

Young Minds (voice for young people’s mental health & well being) -

MindEd (young people and mental health issues) -



Dyslexia -

British Dyslexia Association - 



Dyscalculia (specific learning difficulty with maths arithmetic) - 


Social, communication and speech & Language:

Communication -

Communication -

AFASIC – Speech Language & Communication Needs -


List of Birmingham Disability Websites:


List of Sport Disability Websites: